Frank: What about bankroll requirements?
The Captain: I would say a hundred units would give a player staying power. Of course, there aren't that many video-craps machines in a single casino so if things were going bad, you wouldn't have many options, such as switching machines. Some casinos only have one machine—if they have any. But a hundred units would give you enough to take a good shot.
Frank: Since the Field bet is such a much better bet on many video-craps machines with its three to one payoff of the 12, would you recommend this bet?

The Captain: Obviously, in the short run, you could see the Field numbers coming up at a pleasant rate. But what makes the bet a mathematically better bet than it's table-game counterpart is a single shift on the 12, paying that three to one instead of two to one—but the 12 is a 35 to one shot. So it's not as great a giveaway in the short run as it seems. That 12 might not show often in the short run—it might not show at all. The slight mathematical reduction of the house's odds on this bet isn't great enough to make the Field a worthwhile bet. So I'd stick with the bets discussed and use that variation of the 5-Count. I would recommend playing real craps but I realize that many people play the machines because the machines are more affordable. Even low-limit craps games are expensive.

A hundred dollars on a quarter video-craps machine will go a lot farther than that same hundred dollars on a five dollar minimum table. So video craps is an excellent option for the low stakes player. For the traditional slot-machine player, it would be a fabulous game because of the liberal payback. Those Pass and Come bets are a lot better than most paybacks on the slots—especially outside of Las Vegas where slot machines tend to be much tighter.
If you are playing video craps in a casino that has a slot club make sure that the machine is either linked to the central computer system or that a slot host is informed of your play. Often the novelty machines such as video craps are not considered a part of the casino's normal comping protocol. However, you deserve to get afredit for your play, just as any other slot player or video-poker player, and sometimes this means simply asking a slot host to drop by and observe you every so often. Played correctly and with a full range of comps, you could conceivably play even or almost even with the house.

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