Suppose you have 9-10-J-K and the flop is Q-Q-J. This is a situation in which you're looking to win the pot with one bet on the flop. With a pair on the board in 08B I'm not looking to invest any money drawing to a straight when my opponent may well have a full house already! It's much more likely in Omaha than in a two-card game like Hold'em that someone has at least trip queens and is drawing to a full house. Worse yet—and here the hand illustrates an important way for you to start looking at the game and seeing how you can read your opponents—the cards that you need for your straight (ace, king, ten, nine) are cards that someone would probably be holding in his hand if his hand contained a queen. So even when he has only trips, when you make your straight you are in grave danger of his filling up (making a full house) at the same time. When your opponents all hold four cards instead of just two, pairs on the board become much more dangerous.

When the flop is bad for your hand, most of the time you will need to fold your hand right away. This can be a bit frustrating when, for example, you finally pick up A-2-3-10 and the flop comes down Q-Q-K! You've been waiting and watching everyone else win big pots with A-2-3-X, and now you lose with your A-2-3-X. Just remember that playing poker well includes folding your strong preflop hands when they miss. Don't chase after bad boards just because your starting hand was strong!

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