If you have A-2-3-9 when the flop comes down K-Q-10, it's time to fold, period. You have no pair and no draw.

Suppose you have [9 43 "0 "El and the floP is 04949-With this flop, it will be hard for you to win the high side of the pot unless you hit two running diamonds. Accordingly, it's best to fold your hand on the flop if someone bets into you and you still have opponents behind you. You could call one bet with this hand if you're the last person to call that bet on the flop and the pot is very large.

This is so only because when you pick up the backdoor low draw (a low draw that you need two low cards in a row to make) or the flush draw on the turn, you will usually have the uncounterfeitable nut-low draw or the nut-flush draw. But never call a bet on the flop for a backdoor draw unless it's the nut backdoor draw and the pot is already very large.

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