Money Management And Playing Strategies

Since video craps is so much like regular craps, I wanted to get the Captain's opinion as to any recommended playing strategies that he might have. After all, the Captain has created the most extraordinary ways of playing regular craps— so much so that the casinos are actively discouraging players from playing his methods. The Captain had seen some video-craps machines in the past but he had never taken the time to study them—once he discovered he couldn't play his Super-system on them. However, I asked him to look into video craps and to give me any help he could. Here's what he had to say:

The Captain: For a machine, the payout on video craps is extraordinary, around 98.6 percent—if you stick to the Pass, Don't Pass, Come, Don't Come. Unfortunately, I don't really see a clear-cut way of attacking the machine with any of my table-game methods. To play video craps you have to bet immediately and you have to play every roll. At regulation craps doing this would be asking for losses in the long run. However, you could use a variation of the 5-Count, I guess. Bet a single coin, the lowest possible unit, until the machine establishes a point. Then four more rolls of any numbers, then on the next point number [4,5,6,8,9,10] go with a Come bet of two units or four units or more. On the next roll do the same thing. On the one after that another bet. You'll have four numbers working, three with two units or more, and one with one unit, and maybe the machine will be in a fluctuation where the seven isn't appearing. Even if you could use the 5-Count perfectly on a machine, which you can't, so much of my thinking revolves around human shooters who at times get into a rhythm, a rhythm which might shift the odds by taking the game out of a random mode and into a deterministic or somewhat deterministic mode. But this variation of the 5-Count would be about the best way to approach video craps.

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